Star, adopted by Susan Ritchey

Why sponsoring is a wonderful idea. We went out to Horses Without Humans on Saturday April 30th to watch the horses perform on an obstacle course. We really liked a Spotted Saddle Bred mare named Star. So the following Monday we decided to sponsor Star for a month. This gave us time to make sure we were a good fit. I’ve been going out every other day spending time with her. Camber, their trainer, has been giving me riding lessons, all included in your sponsorship. The staff are very knowledgeable and are always willing to help. I have truly enjoyed my sponsor with Star and have decided to adopt her and another mare named Baby. Bringing them both home Thursday! A big Thank You to Horses Without Humans! Please consider sponsoring one of these wonderful horses. Susan Ritchey

Susan Ritchey’s BABY

“Yvonne brings new energy and perspective to the area of at risk horses.  Her talent with, and focus on, the retraining of horses for smooth transitions into their next career will help assure more good horses find good homes.”
Dr. Emily Weiss, Ph.D. CAAB, Vice President of Equine Welfare Policy, Response & Engagement, ASPCA

“Yvonne Barteau and Horses Without Humans Rescue Organization are a powerful voice working to transform the landscape for horses in transition. By providing compassionate rehabilitation, elite professional training, and thoughtful placement, they are giving good horses another chance and shattering the stigma attached to adoptable horses. Horses Without Humans is leading the way with positive solutions and we are proud to count them as a Right Horse Initiative partner.”

The Right Horse Initiative

Horses Without Humans Earns GuideStar Gold Certification

Horses Without Humans recently earned the Gold Seal of Transparency from GuideStar, the world’s largest database of nonprofit organizations. Less than five percent of non-profits registered with GuideStar are recognized with a Gold Seal. A Gold Seal status is the leading symbol of non-profit transparency and accountability.

The Gold Seal means Horses Without Humans has published qualitative information about the organization’s goals, strategies, and vision. “Horses Without Humans is dedicated to providing current and potential donors with accurate and in-depth knowledge about the many ways we are responsibly advancing our mission and vision with all donations we receive,” stated Yvonne Barteau, founder and Executive Director of Horses Without Humans