DRAKE, a happy endings story

April 16 at 8:19 AM  · 

In the beginning…

Drake’s life started out on a thoroughbred breeding farm. He came from quality stock and his beginning held much promise for a charmed life. Sadly, things didn’t turn out that way. His owner became overwhelmed trying to manage the farm and the business of owning many horses. It sometimes happens with age or if an owner develops health or financial problems. Without contingency plans to guarantee the health and safety of the herd, things can quickly spiral out of control. This was the case with Drake and 60+ other horses.

The rescue…

Rescued on Thanksgiving weekend, these unfortunate souls we’re giving the name “The Thankful Ones”. Some barely alive, others better but not by much, having endured what no creature should ever have, were now on their way to safety. In a coordinated rescue with other local organizations, they were brought out, one by one, and loaded onto trailers towards better homes. They were indeed, thankful!

Drake’s story…

It was obvious that Drake was in severe distress. This once beautiful stallion was dying. His GI system filled with sand and no reserves left to carry him. Horses sometimes injest sand when foraging for some type of viable food to eat. Without the presence of adequate roughage, the sand collects and can cause a life threatening condition. Such was the case for Drake. We were cautiously optimistic for him. We had dealt with this many times before and his will to live was strong.

After more than a year of care, good nutrition, farrier care to correct his crumbling hooves, veterinary work, exercise, training and of course, gelding, this beautiful horse was ready to find a loving home. Now, we waited. There was still work to do as Drake progressed and a perfect adopter was sought out.

After Drake had been brought to an appropriate weight and physical condition, he entered our training program. Camber Heinle spent much time under the direction of our Director, Yvonne Barteau, teaching Drake the skills he needed to become a suitable equine partner of someone.


Enter Sue Gallagher Dressage!! Sue recognized the quality and potential in this fine horse and jumped in with both feet. Once the adoption was final, it was full speed ahead! Drake’s bred in athleticism was apparent to all who met him, and his training is advancing with Sue’s guidance and care.

Drake’s charmed life may have taken a detour for a few years and he definitely has seen his share of hardship but this now incredible gelding is well on his way to making a name for himself in the dressage world!! This is why we do what we do.

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