Recently Adopted

These rescued horses were recently adopted and now have new loving and caring owners.

If you are interested in adopting or fostering a rescued equine, a current list of adoptable horses is shown under the menu item “Adoptable Horses”

Join so many others who have adopted or are fostering rescued horses, like the ones shown below. You’ll never regret giving a rescued equine a loving home. The most recent fostered and adoptions are shown first.

August 4, 2022 – A double adoption – Harley and mi Amore! Photos coming soon.

Mr. B
JANUARY and her new best friend Khloe.
LEVI – Levi is a wonderful 16-year-old registered, 15hh Tennessee walker. He is very social and loves to be around his person.
Lovely mare Ariel has been adopted and is looking forward to roaming the fields with her new herd.
Romeo has found his special home and is being fostered by Angela Pastula at Iron Horse Ranch. This beautiful 28-year-old thoroughbred stallion will receive lots of love and kindness to make his remaining senior years as enjoyable as possible. Romeo will also enjoy the company of Ariel and Frankie, the other two horses Angela acquired from HWH. 
Chanel adopted paint horse Genesis first and while she took lessons on Genesis at home, she continued to help out at the farm. Anna was next. Who could resist such a beautiful chestnut mare? Then finally, Chanel started working with Elsa and fell head over heels in love!! She continued helping to care for and train Elsa and joined the HWH Volunteer Rescue Challenge that took place in April to see if they could work together as a team. When the final points were counted, Chanel and Elsa proved beyond any doubt that they were meant to be together by winning the Challenge overall High Point Championship! After the contest, Chanel and her family officially welcomed Elsa into their family. We can’t wait to hear updates as this dedicated young equestrian continues her journey with her three HWH rescue alumni.
Elsa and Chanel
Chanel with Elsa and Anna
Chanel and Genesis
Mini horse BABY
Quarter horse BABY
Our youngest and tiniest rescue, “Clover,” is happily getting settled in her new home. Clover will take her place in the family as “little sister” to Kristina Sterling’s current horse and will be used in Kristina’s Equine Assisted Therapy program. Once trained for therapy work, Clover will help the elderly and people with disabilities enjoy and benefit from the amazing powers that horses have to bring good cheer and comfort to those who need it most!! Thank you, Kristina, for the wonderful work you do and for choosing mini horse Clover to help you with your mission.
Stage Doll
Epic Times, a/k/a ET, adopted by Alyson, who is going to pursue dressage!
This beautiful mini had previously been abandoned by her owner and was surrendered to us by animal control.  Snow will now have her very own little girl (Raelynn) and her new name will be Barbie! Barbie will have 5 new siblings whose names are Elsa, Loretta, Dutton, Abbey, and Jolee.
Remember Eddie? That bag of bones you read about in the “About” menu item. Here he is, alive and well with new owner, Paris.
Quarter horse mare “Promise” is 10 years old and quite a looker! She arrived at HWH with her mother, Grace.
“Vicky” with her new owner Melissa.
Sophie”, adopted by Mike and Christine.
“Hi! I’m Rain, that boney horse you saw on the “Now I’m Home” page. Can you believe I once looked like this (see below)
The Dickinson family adopted me, and I’m now safe, secure and healthy, thanks to “Horses Without Humans” and the Dickinson family, who provide all my loving care.”
Fawn” found her home with Christy for her daughter and grandchildren.
The Beverly family recognized “Beaux’s” amazing disposition.
Halflinger cross “Shelby” (previously aka Susie Q) gets lots of carrots
and baths from Brianna.
Professional trainer Maria had the skills to develop palomino “Petra’s” potential.
Gus Gus” traveled across the country to join his special family in Wisconsin.
Kind gentleman “Joshua” will have many years of happiness with his new family.
Volunteers Alana (left) with “Christy” and Mike (right) with “Pumpkin” look forward to lots of fun riding together.
Sometimes there’s a double adoption! Joyce and “Tazz” (left) and Johnny and “Shadow” will be trail riding and camping together.
Opal” was foaled at HWH after her mother, “Krystal”, was rescued from a kill pen. Opal is now enjoying the good life with the Crows family in Tennessee.
Paint “Pride” is going to help his adopter Melinda judge bird dog trials.