HWH Board of Directors

Greg DeLine, President

Greg DeLine is an entrepreneur and businessman — having started and owned more than a dozen successful companies, both small and large. Greg has a passion for relationships and helping others reach their full potential.

Greg DeLine’s success didn’t come from years in a classroom, but from years of hard work and sweat equity. After dropping out of college, DeLine spent six years working up the ranks at Boone County National Bank. He left when he was 27 years old, ready to start something on his own. He started by selling manufactured homes, and has since diversified into a number of other industries. DeLine’s various companies employ hundreds of people and his philanthropic efforts benefit organizations throughout the Midwest.

Wendy Schreiber, Vice President

Wendy Schreiber serves as an enthusiastic Ambassador, Volunteer, and Philanthropic Supporter of Horses Without Humans (HWH). Wendy started riding at the age of five and has been engaged in the care of both horses and humans her entire life. Throughout her career as a stay-at-home mom, wife, homemaker, and amateur rider, she has developed skills that bring highly valued perspectives and services to HWH in support of our Mission.

As an HWH Ambassador, Wendy passionately promotes our rescue throughout the community to local businesses, groups, and individuals. She represents HWH at events, promotes guest attendance at fundraisers, serves as a valued advisor and facilitator to HWH’s founder, Yvonne Barteau, and frequently hosts dinners for staff members, as well as volunteers, to express her deep appreciation for the lifesaving work that they do for our rescues every day.

Wendy has been instrumental in the funding, design and upgrading of guest and visitor living accommodations at Rock Bluff Ranch. In addition, her eye for detail and aesthetics have substantially influenced costume and set designs for HWH’s Equine Theater fundraising events.

Early in 2018, Wendy moved her two horses to Rock Bluff Ranch to train with KYB Dressage and Yvonne Barteau. That’s when her relationship with HWH started. Since that time, she has adopted two HWH rescues, bought two more horses and bred her stallion with one of her mares, who recently gave birth to Zsa Zsa. Today, all her horses are ensured a forever home.

Rose Grant, Chief Financial Officer

Rose Grant, Secretary of HWH, grew up on a farm in rural Central Illinois. Through 4-H and several other organizations, she has been involved in the care of animals her whole life, including hogs, cattle, sheep, goats, horses, cats and dogs. However, her most passionate interest lies with horses. Beginning with a Shetland pony when she was a child, her “herd” has fluctuated in number from then to now with the current count being at eleven.  She has made a commitment to her horses to shelter and feed them for life.  Her goal is to help give that same benefit to other horses that don’t have a dedicated owner to care for them.

Rose has been an Accountant for a privately held successful business enterprise for the last 38 years.  She has now moved permanently to Florida and continues to work remotely in her field and support the Horses Without Humans Rescue Organization.

Larry Schreiber, Chief Operating Officer

An accomplished healthcare executive with a skill set uniquely attuned to the rapidly changing national, regional and local healthcare marketplace, Larry Schreiber is the President and CEO of SantaFe Healthcare.

In his roles he has responsibility and accountability for the strategic, organizational and overall performance of SantaFe Healthcare and its Affiliates.

A Certified Employee Benefits Specialist (CEBS) and strategic leader, Schreiber brings 30 years of experience to each challenge he tackles. He believes the best health care is focused on provider collaborations that help people to get and stay healthy.

Immediately prior to his current position, Schreiber served in dual roles as the President of Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield in NY and as the CEO of the Wisconsin Collaborative Insurance Company, a JV partnership healthplan between Anthem and Advocate Aurora Health.

Schreiber is a graduate of the University of Tampa, where he received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management with a minor in Management Information Systems, and the Executive Leadership Training Program at the Wharton School of Business.

Rebecca Mouras, Director

Rebecca currently works for SAP America as part of the Global Strategic Initiatives team (GSI).  SAP America is a subsidiary of SAP AG, which is one of the largest business software companies in the world. Founded in 1972, SAP AG serves more than 85,000 clients in over 120 countries. The company manages sales and development locations in nearly 50 countries. The GSI team, reporting to the SAP Board of Directors is the deal execution team supporting the field and regional management at SAP to assist in deal Strategy, Structuring, Negotiation, and Closure for the largest and most strategic SAP customers.

Rebecca is a lifelong horsewoman.  She began riding at age 6 and while her parents were hoping it was a phase, there has not been a time since then that she has been without a horse in her life. In 2020, Rebecca began training with KYB Dressage and found herself at the rescue donating time and resources for the benefit of HWH.  Rebecca and her husband, Dennis, have permanently relocated to Florida with their 10 horses, 4 dogs and 2 cats.