Fostered Horses

If you love horses and want to have one to pet and groom but don’t intend to ride, or want a horse just to keep your own horse company, think about fostering a horse. We have some horses that are not rideable due to their age or other factors, but they make wonderful companions and pasture pets. Please consider opening your home and heart to an at-risk horse. When you foster a horse, the horse comes to live at your farm, you become their primary caregiver, and you take over the financial needs and daily care of the horse. For more information, contact the HWH Office Manager at 386-935-3902 or

Erin Cannon and her family were looking for two foster horses who would enjoy their pasture and were kid-friendly. The Cannons were delighted to find Miss Martha (pictured) and 3 Timer to add to their group of pets and have lots of carrots in store for them.