Chase Fund

Compassionate care for the voiceless


One horse, Chase, drew us together. Let not his suffering be in vain.

Chase’s Precious Time with Us

Chase, this sweet, amazingly resilient horse brought something out in all of us.

For some it was outrage. Cries for justice and offerings to assist in bringing it!

For all, it was love and concern. Together, we joyously celebrated as he seemed to improve within a few days of his arrival at HWH. The hope was for a Christmas miracle to unfold before our eyes.

For many, it was sadness and grief. Even though we see it every day, our hearts were broken by the suffering and loss.

You shared with us in that grief. For others, including us, it was the resolve to do more. Resolve to fix a broken system that allowed this to happen.

After only one week with us, this kind horse had burned an impression into our hearts and those of our followers so deep that he will never be forgotten.

Almost immediately after arriving, Chase brightened. He greeted us with eager eyes and nickered a request for food to each person who approached. He excitedly lapped up his warm mash as we would expect of any horse who had suffered as he had.

Chase showed appreciation to every staff member and volunteer who took the time to help him in any small way, even if it was just a hello or a scratch on the neck. In his final days, he knew that he was surrounded by love. His fragile body was given all that we and veterinary science had to offer but sadly, it was too late. He had suffered too much for too long.

Within a week Chase could go on no longer. He went down onto a deep, soft cushion of dry bedding in his stall. His body is no longer strong enough to support the frame that had carried him for over 20 years. After a valiant life-saving effort by every person both near and far, the decision was made to help this beautiful soul on his final journey. It was the very least that we could do.

Then as is with all creatures, no matter the lives that they have lived or the horrors they have lived through… In the end, there is peace.

Rest easy Chase.

You are forever in our hearts

We are in awe of how many of you have reached out to us asking what you can do to help. Help us to honor Chase and the many other horses to whom we provide compassionate care with the Chase Fund.

As an organization, we are so busy caring for these unfortunate souls that we don’t have enough time to get to the root of the problem. Change can happen but it takes work. Help us to prevent this tragic outcome from happening to others! It happens so much more than you can possibly imagine!

Chase is only one of the thousands of voiceless horses, but let him help to be the catalyst for CHANGE.

Together, we can make the future better for horses like Chase!

“It wrecks me, these losses. We put our hearts into all of them but Chase was just so special. A heart of gold in a let down body. Making the call to let him go was the correct, but oh so hard thing to do. He deserved so much better. He was one to be remembered and I will never forget him. I hold these horrible moments in my heart and in my head. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, right? I will wait and hope to be stronger. For now, I will cry. Thanks folks for caring and sharing his short time here.” – Yvonne

We questioned ourselves as to if we should even share a video when emotions are so raw and our hearts are shattered into a thousand pieces. But we know that this is what needs to be heard and seen. It’s not enough to sit idly by and hopes that others fix the problem.

Each and every one of us must do our part to solve this national epidemic of animal cruelty. Rescue Organizations like HWH can’t do it all. We do what we can, but it is not enough! But together, our voices can change the future for horses like Chase.

Chase did not survive. It is our goal to keep his legacy alive by setting up a fund to help assist with emergency costs for other horses in his name.

All donations to the Chase fund will be used to care for the most extreme cases that come to our rescue. Please make it your time to help!