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Rescued horses, after being gently cared for, brought back to health, evaluated for soundness, manners and overall adoptability are then listed here as being ready for adoption. Care is taken to describe each horse as to his or her best suited home life. Some horses are easily ridden while others may be best suited as barn buddies. Others can be adopted but need additional training to become true pleasure or even great show horses. Take your time as you browse through the photos and descriptions of all these wonderful animals.

Recently rescued equines are listed at the end of the adoptable horses list. Their adoptability is yet to be determined and will be updated as additional information is available. To obtain additional information, please submit an adoption application. (See applications\adoption applications.) Thank you for considering an HWH equine.

Adoption fees shown may increase as the equine receives additional training..

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Tilly (aka Betty White)
Tilly is a star! She was so good on the obstacle course during the Rescue Makeover Challenge that she won the Senior Advanced In-Hand class, as well as the Reserve Champion award for Best Turnout! This lovely 15-year-old mare is a great trail horse and she will make someone a wonderful partner. After her two months of training, Tilly is on the fast track to a new and loving home. Will she be the star that makes you shine bright? Adoption fee $3,500.

YANKEEAdoption Pending
Gorgeous gelding Yankee is a ten-year-old Arab/Thoroughbred cross that is 15.1 hands. He has been in training for the last two months and has been over the obstacle course numerous times, as well as on several trail rides. He is a smart horse with a great temperament, great conformation, great feet and is very sound – what more could you ask for? 

Adoption fee $5,000


BOUJIE (BOUJEE)Adoption Pending
Boujie is an absolutely lovely mare and ready for her new home. She is a beautiful, kind and sweet four-year-old Quarter horse with extensive groundwork who has also been ridden under saddle and worked on the obstacle horse. At 14 hands, Boujie will make a wonderful family or child’s horse for years to come. She has good manners and is easy to find in a field because her unusual grulla dun color catches everyone’s eye! Adoption fee $4,000

Adoption fee $2.500.
3-TIMER – Foster Pending – Adoption fee $1,000.
BLONDIE – Blondie is a senior mare who is as sweet as they come. She would make a wonderful pasture companion for a family to love. Because of her age, we do not recommend her as a riding partner. Adoption fee $1,000.
CHARM – Charm is a senior mare. Her life has been as a pasture pet and brood mare. Her owner had many horses and was no longer able to care for the herd. Charm would be a wonderful pasture mate for someone. Adoption fee $1,500.
CHOCO – ADOPTION PENDING – Choco is a beautiful Standardbred gelding. Choco was on a property that was sold and the horses needed to be removed. He was placed with us to find him a loving home. We can share a video of him working in long lines and he appeared in our performance Spirit of the Horse in December at The The Oaks of Lake City Equestrian Center. Choco has a lovely trot and canter on the lunge line and will be evaluated under saddle very soon. Choco is not tattooed so it is unlikely that there is any history of racing. He is such a good guy, he even represented HWH at the Christmas parade in Bell, Fl. With training, he will succeed in any direction his person chooses.
Adoption fee $1,000.
Dazzle – Dazzle is a very sweet mare. She came with a large group of Saddlebreds whose owner was no longer able to care for them. She would be best used as a pasture companion due to her age. Adoption fee $1,000.
JASPER – Jasper was brought in recently from animal control from the southern part of the state. We have been told that he is a good trail horses. Adoption fee $2,000.
ELVIS – Elvis is an extremely handsome gentleman who could have a bright future. He has Been ridden but here at the ranch but does not have much experience or miles on him. He is very agreeable and would make someone a wonderful partner. Adoption fee $2,000.
ISABELLA – Isabella is a beautiful Thoroughbred/Warmblood cross. She is approximately 16.1hh and is a sweet girl. She stands well for the farrier and is eager to please. Adoption fee $1,000.
LILLY – was under weight and had not been handled much. She is just beginning her ground work training, but will need someone with a bit of experience or someone comfortable with Saddlebred activity and energy. Adoption fee $2,000.
MISS MARTHA – Foster Pending – Miss Martha is a lovely senior mare thoroughbred. She would make an excellent companion. She does have a tattoo so she has been raced but due to her age, we are recommending that she has a peaceful retirement. Adoption fee $1,000.
NOVA – Nova is currently in training. With some dedication and advancement of her training, she could make a good Hunter pony. She is pony size and is most likely a pony Vanner cross. Adoption fee $2,000.
PATCHES – Patches is a beautiful palomino paint mare she is not broke to ride but with a bit of training and some work, she could make someone a great partner. She loaded well and is easy to get along with. Adoption fee $2,000.
PJ – Adoption fee $1,000.
PUMPKIN – Pumpkin was rescued with 22 other horses from a thoroughbred breeding farm. He is approximately 10 years old, and 15hh and we believe will make a great obstacle/trail horse for a more experienced rider. Adoption fee $2,000.
Adoption fee $1,000.


Adoption fee $3,500.
TIBO – Tibo is an American Saddlebred gelding. He is currently under evaluation with others from his herd. Adoption fee $1,000.
Hosanna, mare, mustang, Adoption fee $2,000.
KING – Adoption Pending – King is very easy to be around. We are told he is a tried and true trail partner. He is currently working through some lameness issues so he can only be considered as a companion pet until we have more information. He is currently under evaluation. Adoption fee $2,000.

Horses for adoption change on a fairly regular basis, as more horses are rescued and more are adopted. Sign up for notifications to get the latest updates.

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