Rescued Horses

One Horse at a Time… and one after another.


Our new arrivals are currently in intensive recovery and rehabilitation

The Warrior Herd arrived unexpectedly in February of this year as part of an intervention in the dire situation with a private owner. They are all in various stages of decompression to be to regain their natural vital state both physically and mentally.

Your continuous support is still needed as their systems stabilize and digestion returns to normal. We are in need of nutritional supplements to improve their physical state. We will then proceed to the next steps of vaccinations, worming, and evaluating each one for temperament and training level to secure theirs forever home!

If you are interested in adopting one of the Warriors, please fill out the Adoption Application Form and we will contact you once their health is stabilized and have completed their rehabilitation.

Before and After


It’s hard not to get emotional when even thinking about Eddie. The before photo is of Eddie shortly after his arrival in 2018 and the after photo is of Eddie today. It’s hard to believe it’s the same horse!

Eddie became strong enough to get up on his own, graze and walk independently and then finally, thrive. As you can see by the photos, this beautiful young quarterhorse now looks like a handsome man. It has restored our faith in what the power of love and caring can do.

Eddie was successfully adopted in 2020 along with Rain, a fellow member of the Boneyard herd.

In 2021, Eddie appeared on the cover of Trafalgar’s Book Catalogue


This poor horse, who arrived nameless, has been on safe ground at HWH. He was named Kibo, which is Japanese and means “hope”. His teeth, which were in very poor condition, were treated by the equine dentist. Good nutrition and corrective farrier work put him on the right track to developing strong hoof walls. Since he gained weight, he was gelded, has received groundwork training, and has been started under saddle. He has a new start in life…mentally, physically, and emotionally. He is both beautiful and talented

Kibo was successfully adopted in January 2023


This gorgeous thoroughbred mare had a bit of a rough time of it before coming to HWH. Her intake picture shows the suffering she endured. Somehow through all of her hardships, she remains as kind and sweet as a horse can be. Her only aim in life is to please her person. even after her arrival, things didn’t always go her way. Through no fault of her own, her first adoptive home didn’t work out and she returned to the rescue. Still, she remains loving and steadfast.

Teagan was successfully adopted in March 2023.


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