Rescued Horses

Eddie, before HWH.
Eddie, after HWH, with a brand new loving and caring owner.

Eddie’s story:

It’s hard not to get emotional when even thinking about Eddie. The first photo above is Eddie shortly after his arrival at Horses Without Humans Rescue. The second photo above is of Eddie today. It’s hard to believe it’s the same horse!


From the very first moment when Yvonne took him off the trailer, we wept as Eddie struggled to survive. We grieved every setback, not knowing which one might be his last. Many of us held our collective breath waiting for the morning news and word of how Eddie had done overnight. We heard the pain in Yvonne’s voice as she struggled to keep the weakest members of “The Bone Yard” alive, including and especially, Eddie and Rain.

Then, day by day, with the love, care and help of staff and many volunteers, Eddie got stronger. Little by little our collective grief turned to a collective sigh and then…JOY!!

Eddie became strong enough to get up on his own, graze and walk independently and then finally, thrive. As you can see by the photos, this beautiful young quarter horse cross now looks like the handsome man that he is and not a skeleton. There is not a soul on earth that could argue that Eddie’s transformation is anything short of a miracle. It restored our faith in what the power of love and caring can do.

One Horse at a Time…
and one after another.

Equine welfare is a major problem in the United States. Horses Without Humans was founded by Yvonne Barteau, a gold medalist FEI (Fédération Equestre Internationale) trainer and rider who recognized what a massive problem this is, and has seen first-hand talented, valuable horses on kill trucks or abandoned because their humans had no other options.

Horses Without Humans Rescue Organization

Horses Without Humans is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that takes in horses that have no humans, no voice of their own, and no other options.  We provide the compassion and time it takes to rehabilitate them as well as provide a professional assessment,  medical care, companionship, and professional training with some of the most successful trainers in the equine industry. We provide basic groundwork and the foundations of dressage for all of our adoptable horses, thereby giving them balance, understanding, and an exceptional advantage for all disciplines. We are saving these horses by giving them time, education, and the conditioning necessary for them to be the best athletes and partners they can be, and then finding them their humans.


Horses Without Humans developed a 120-acre state-of-the-art training facility in Bell, Florida. We now have the unique ability to accurately assess each horse, as well as work through any behavioral problems so they are a safe and legitimate option for those wishing to purchase a horse. We offer continued training options for the horse and human to ensure that we found the right match, and that people have a clear and educated understanding of what it takes to own and care for a horse We proudly save horses that, for whatever reason, have no other options. We are giving horses a chance to have and enjoy their own happy ending.


Kibo, shortly after his arrival at HWH.
Kibo, as he stands today, healthy and proud!

This poor horse, who came to HWH nameless, has been on safe ground at HWH. He was named Kibo, which is Japanese and means “hope”. His teeth, which were is very poor condition, were treated by the equine dentist. Good nutrition and corrective farrier work put him on the right track to develop strong hoof walls. Since he gained weight, he was gelded, has received groundwork training, and has been started under saddle. He has a new start to life…mentally, physically and emotionally. He is both beautiful and talented!

Rescue, rehabilitate, retrain.

When all a horse needs is a human, we are there.  

This is what we’re all about!

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