Now I’m Home.

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My name is Rain, and I had been neglected.

“I did not know that a group of emaciated horses of various ages and breeds would steal my heart, the hearts of my staff and clients, and capture the interest of thousands of folks on social media. Nor would I realize that all of these horses would rise to hero status simply by surviving. They refused to allow one of the worst forms of torture to kill their spirit, even as they stared death in the eye, and hung on hopefully.”

Yvonne Barteau, founder of Horses Without Humans

The saddest thing about this is horses can’t just go to the fridge and get themselves a soda or a snack. They depend on humans the same way we depend on you to help in any way, shape or form.

Please read “The Bone Yard” in the top menu. You may want to have some tissues handy. And it doesn’t stop there. Every day we hear of more equines in desperate need of our help. And then a visit to the DONATE page would be so very much appreciated.

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